Friday, April 7, 2017


 Wondering how to ditch the predictable and go with something different? Though solid color or monochromatics are stunning on bridesmaids, check out what's happening on the bridal front in polka dots. One of the best things about incorporating dots into your bridesmaid scheme is how you can pick up different colors and tie everything together with accessories, including bouquets. A few brave and ingenious brides are even mixing it up having the bridesmaid party sport different prints entirely.  In addition, polka dot dresses are likely candidates for actual rewear after the wedding and not likely to be hidden in the back of a closet or eventually cut up to make throw pillows.
Overall, polka dots suggest joy and whimsy.  They also can be associated with pin-up fashion so of course if your bridesmaids like playing a bit of the sexy lady role they're perfect during and after the wedding. The uneven dots pictured below are less bold, more high fashion even sporting stripes at the same time.
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Photo 2: via Grey Likes Weddings
Photos 3&4: via Happy Wedd
Photo 5: via Chic Vintage Brides

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