Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I know some women live in denim so who better to wear a denim wedding dress?  Add to that all you brides out there who like the idea of upcycling and the denim dress is the perfect candidate. Many denim designs are recycled or built off an already-made garment.  A cotton fiber one reserved for workwear denim shapes well to some of the more structured bridal designs.  It's also a natural for western and ranch weddings where this fabric is symbolic . . . .

Photos 1&2: Dress by Bella Vittorio
Photo 3:via Cherry Blossoms and Faerie Wings///Dress by BKS Couture
Photos 4&5: Jesinta Campbell in denim via Nova


La Fantaisie said...

Denims are really comfortable but having a wedding dress made of denim is somewhat unique. Loved the Idea.

Sheila said...

Certainly, denim is different. The very long (cathedral length?) veil worn by the bride in the first two pictures is so beautiful, and so romantic!

essay best said...

This is absolutely unusual wedding dresses. I have not seen bridal dresses in denim before. They will be certainly comfy yet bold looking.