Monday, April 3, 2017


 A few years back Project Runway had an episode where each contestant was given the challenge of creating a dress out of  real live florals. tI love florals! I have added florals,and foilage, real as well as silk ones to my dresses for clients.  Here are a few I've found online that are simply stunning and bound to inspire . . . . .

 Photo: via Pinterest
 Photo: Dress by Stella De Libero via Wedding Inspirasi
 Photo 3: via Tumblr
 Photo 5: via Tumblr
 Photo 6: via Pintrest
 Photo 7:  via Tumblr
 Photo 8-12: via Natalia Zizko
  Photo 13: via Designer Outfits
Photo 14: Dress by Yumi Katsura via Tumblr
Photo 15: via Natalia Zizko
Photo 16: Dress by Jillian Page via Flirty Fleurs

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