Tuesday, October 27, 2015


 When you think  Boho does renewed life of Spring time come to mind?  Yes, it can be all that but look again!  Boho is an earthy look also symbolic of the reaping of the harvest and makes for some waif  looks perfect for fall weddings.  I call the gems below Autumn Bohemian from the head wreaths to the rustic decor . . . 

Photos via Rock my Wedding

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NRLTR@yahoo.com said...

The floral headpiece worn by the second bride is just lovely. Assuming (as I do) that these flowers are real and not artificial, it must take great skill to put this headpiece together, and then fit on the bride's head to make her look so lovely Perhaps some time in the future, you might considering sharing with you fans just hoe this is done.
With thanks and best wishes,