Tuesday, October 7, 2014


When you think  Boho does renewed life of Spring time come to mind?  It can be that but look again!  Boho is an earthy look also symbolic of the reaping of the harvest and makes for some waif  looks perfect for fall weddings.  I call the gems below Autumn Bohemian from the head wreaths to the vintage-goddessy gowns . . . .
Photos 1 and 2: via Rock My Wedding
Photo 3:Gent and Beauty via Pintrest
Photo 4: via ibride
Photo 5: via tumblr
Photo 5:via Nevesta


Ashley said...


Unknown said...

Such beautiful and romantic wedding scenes!
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Nicole (Bellenza Wedding Suite) said...

Love the fall-themed wreath! Gorgeous ideas :)

Micheline said...

great scene

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Great dresses