Monday, December 13, 2010


Photography . . . . . . Pixaimage Photography
Veils and gowns . . . . .Amy-Jo Tatum
Makeup . . . . . . . . . Necia Whitmore
Hair. . . . . . . . . Kao Vey Saephanh
Models . . . .. .. . . .Janelle Mills and Libby Gale
Venue . . . . . . . . .San Domenico, San Anselmo, California

 Since Chelsea Clinton's wedding last July, classic veils are suddenly taking the spotlight once again. We wanted to  capture the essence of the traditional bride in all her romantic and time-honored splendor.   From the ethereal beauty of the drop veil to the small tulle head pouf, here is the 2011 veil collection . . . .

 Above: Waltz length double layered white tulle edged in satin ribbon
Going retro doesn't necessarily mean sticking to a particular era. Above, a 30s gown is paired up with an authentic vintage 60s veil. Layers of tulle attached to a lace and jewel embellished Juliet cap give this bride a timeless look.

 A gown with exquisite back details like the one above calls for a shorter veil like the petal or fly away in gathered tulle tacked to the back of a chignon.
 Directly above and below: The most dramatic of all veils, the Cathedral veil.  Above is a double layered ivory tulle edged in satin ribbon.  Below: White tulle with Chantilly lace motifs dappled all over . . .

The fingertip style veil above has long been the most popular length for brides as it goes with just about any style dress. Here we've matched it up with traditional ivory lace and taffeta.

Contemporary brides love the new tulle poufs.  Easy to wear, they go from ceremony to reception. with no adjustments and are tres chic . . . 

Above: Silk gauze drop veil floor length drop veil can be wrapped as a shawl; Below: A 3-yard galloon of Chantilly lace makes the perfect 20s style cloche-cap style veil to pair up with a vintage lace gown. 


Bling and Blog said...

Amy-You continually out do yourself. These veils are out of this world! I notice you have a few new dresses, too. I;ll be looking for them on your website.

Rachel - theWeddingVine said...

Gorgeous gowns and veils but I think I definitely prefer long veils, the looks so pretty draped around the brides. said...

The looks so pretty brides. love all of your photos

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