Sunday, January 10, 2010


As part of the 'Every Which Way Romantic Series' featured each week as Spring approaches, we'll be looking at all the different kinds of romantic chic. This week we're celebrating Boho. Defined, Boho is a fashion look borrowing from the peasant, early bohemian and hippie looks of the sixties. Boho can be earthy and ethereal all at once, with gowns sporting diaphanous fabrics topped off with head wreaths made out of fresh florals and greenery like ivy. So what does Boho have in common with bridal? It is an over-the-top romantic look and if weddings are anything they are just that. If you're into celebrating with a lot of green--both real and the eco-conscious kind, really think about this look if you haven't already incorporated some part of it into your wedding style. For me personally boho would be a natural despite my vintage leaning when it comes to design. . . Let's just say my mind is still open and as curious as a woman/child's.
Getting the Look
Wreath-Wearing a head wreath is one earthy way of going boho. A wreath circles the head and is interwoven with flowers, foliage and in some cases, ribbons. Florists can put these together either with fresh, artificial or dried flowers. Some variations would be those made exclusively of English Ivy or dried roses and baby’s breath.
The Empire or Diaphanous dress.-Find a dress made of chiffon or any flowing fabric. The tulle ballgown dappled with roses is another example of getting a combo of ethereal and earthy chic all at once. . . .
Try long, flowing hair, incorporating little girls in your wedding party wearing head wreaths, or angel wings, dresses made out of delicate laces, anything echoing the romantic periods such as Edwardian or even the right Art Deco as long as it is feminine . . .

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Susu Paris Chic said...

It is so much fun that today there's a style for everyone. I so see Gwyneth Paltrow or Ashley Olsen wear this kind of boho chic.