Tuesday, May 22, 2018


From the lightest mint to deep emerald tones, if you're inspired by green in any way you're definitely influenced by connecting to elements of the earth.  Green themes have a lot to do with nature and things growing.  Getting an earthy look may mean having a floral crown made and ditching a traditional veil, zoning in on a diaphanous and flowing gown.  The forest or woods are the perfect backdrop for a Boho wedding.  Below are inspirations for all that and more . . . . 
 Photos 1-4: Emily Soto///Photo 5: Light Gren Fern via ///Photo 6: Goth/Boho model in green dress via Tumbler//Photo 7: Autumn Greens via Tumblr///Photo 8: Gnrarled Tree via Tumblr///Photo 9: Moss Covered furniture via One Kind Design///Photo 10: Model in draped gown via Tumblr///Photo 11: Model in ivy and leaf headdress via Tumblr//Photo 12: Wood forest path via Tumblr///Photo 13: Moss chair via Style Me Pretty///Photo 14: Model in Fairy Dress via Tumblr///Photo 15: via DIY and Crafts Magazine//Photo 16: A Wooded Path via Tumblr//Photo 17: Model in feathered and ivy headdress via Bea B Photographie///Photo 18: White Rose via Tumblr

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