Wednesday, May 23, 2018


I've always been of the thought light is important to a great shot or series of shots.  Case in point is the work of Yanitza Ninett, a photographer out of Geneva, Florida.  She took the same bride all dressed in red and posed her in different light patterns--stunning.  Says Yanitza about putting together this editorial, " This is a styled shoot inspired by natural beauty. I took advantage of the natural light, at different times, to create a variety of the scenarios I chose for this shoot. It portrays beauty in all the natural ways, and it is complemented by the colors of mother nature . . . ."
 Photographer:  Yanitza Ninett Photography//Makeup Artist: Maddy The Artist//Floral Designer: The Flower Studio//Submitted via Two Bright Lights


David Hill Guildford said...

Gorgeous photos! You have a great blog.

Ashley said...