Monday, April 16, 2018


What could be more of an ode to Spring than tulips?  From the palest pastels to deepest purples this flower is a real symbol of new life and love. Whether you wear them in your hair, carry them in a bouquet or eat a cake they festoon, tulips are just plain pretty and perfect for a celebration . . . . 
 Photo1:  Three Bouquets via Flickr
Photo 2:  Blush tulip skirt and headpiece via Sposa di Gio
Photo 3:  Naked Cake with Tulip topping via Pinterest
Photo 4: Pastel Pink Bouquet via Belle The Magazine
Photo 5: Closed Pink Tulip Bouquet via Pinterest
Photo 6: Tulip Wreath via Hometalk
Photo 7:  White Tulip Topped Cake via Lisa Polucci Photography 
Photo 8:  Pink Tulips in Silver Vases via Tumblr
Photo 9: Tulips in a Steel Bucket via Tumblr
Photo 10: Distressed Barn via Tumblr
Photo 11: Tulip Tea Cup via Pinterest
Photo 12: Yellow and Pink Tulips via Tumblr
Photo 13: Yellow Tulip Head Wreath via Tumblr
Photo 14: Yellow and Pink Tulips via Pinterest
Photo 15: Tulip Buttercream Cake via Pinterest
Photo 16: Tulip and Lilac Bouquet via Pinterest
Photo 17: Yellow Tulip Head Wreath via Tumblr
Photo 18: White Cake with Yellow Tulips via Lightness in Bloom

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Sheila said...

The gown worn by the bride in the full-length pic is very beautiful. I really like the way her train has been arranged for the photo. Elegant!