Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Each bridesmaid is special in her own way so do her a favor: Consider whether she’ll actually be able to wear her dress after the wedding, especially if she’s shelling out the $250.00-300 going rate.
Designers and manufacturers are introducing lines of bridesmaid dresses I’d get into in a minute if I were going someplace special. Did you know certain companies let you customize a design that will work for all your bridesmaids? New companies are introducing a three step process: 1. Choose a silhouette. 2. Select a fabric. 3. Pick a treatment (i.e. bows and belts). In other words you can shift silhouettes from bridesmaid to bridesmaid as long as they’re all in the same fabric or visa-versa-different faric and same silhouettes.  I also like this idea because some designers are offering styles in cotton and cotton in almost any style is something a woman can actually wear again. 

 Suppose you’re going formal. Your gown is satin and you want your attendants in satin, as well. Go ahead. The whole wedding party will be stunning. Realize though the mileage they get out of their gowns later will be limited.  The solution? Opt instead for formal fabrics like raw silks, shantungs and dupioni that can go either chic or casual later on. Also, if you’re not attached to the idea of floor-length, you can put your maids in a shorter hemline so in the future she can wear the dress with a casual pair of sandals or go dressier for cocktails and out to dinner. If your wedding is semi-formal or outdoors, linen, cottons and rayons are nice choices. 
You don’t have to do the match-up-everyone-in-the-same silhouette and fabric thing. I’ve worked on these weddings and there is always one or two maids in the bunch who look lousy in the dress.   Go ahead and go for a color like light blue and have each attendant choose a silhouette that accentuates her figure.  Monochromatics are another option. Everyone in blue but say the maid of honor in royal blue, maids in varying shades of lighter blues. Or, go ahead and select a certain fabric and have different silhouettes made up. 
Department stores are great an option for brides who don’t want her maids in that formal- bridesmaid-look-you-see-all-the-time in the magazines.


Tanya said...

Such a beautiful dress, really cant wait to get married, we have been planning it for months and months now, but budget is really a problem lol, were even getting samples for wedding favours and free confetti to at this site http://www.fabfreesamples.co.uk/free-wedding-flower-confetti-sample/ pretty exciting though all of it :)

La Fantaisie said...

A really good idea to have a dress type according to bridesmaid choices. I have seen many bridesmaids or maid of honors who are not happy with the dress.

Unknown said...

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