Monday, January 23, 2017


Lately I've been using Alencon lace for some pieces in the collection.  Typically my dresses reflect light airy laces like Chantilly and Peau d'ange, proffering a 'fly away like an angel' effect.  Alencon (pictured above) has more of a crusted or three-dimensional quality ideal for more sophisticated designs.  This new gemmie I'm calling, Corey
Mixing two very diverse laces enhances Corey's look here.  I added a cotton cut work lace bolero over the intricately beaded Alencon lace bustier.  Don't ask me why this juxtapose works but it does. The skirt is yards of white tulle lined in silk Shantung. Absolutely love the workmanship and elan this ensemble gives off . . . .


La Fantaisie said...

Nice choice of Fabric combination I must say. Loved the dress.

Unknown said...

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