Monday, September 12, 2016


What could be sweeter than adding a flock of flower girls to your wedding? Either making the trek down the aisle or weaving in and out of festivities, kids--but especially girls-- add a bright and energetic tone to any wedding. In Europe, kids make up the wedding party almost entirely. Remember Lady Diana's wedding to Prince Charles in 1981? Her eldest attendant was a junior bridesmaid. The rest were taffeta-clad flower girls and pages dressed in the traditional costume of the English Court. Whatever theme or direction your wedding takes, little girl  fashion usually echoes that of the wedding party. If you're in a ball gown and your groom in a tux, the flower girls could wear fluffy white dresses with a contrasting sash, possibly combining some of the laces from the bride's gown. 

If you are getting married in say, a vineyard setting, consider a flower Girl in a more relaxed linen the same shade as the bridesmaids. If it's a more casual wedding and/or money is tight, here are some options:Find her a special little cotton or linen nightgown she can use afterwards. She'll look Kate Greenaway chic in it, especially if she goes barefoot at an outdoor or beach wedding. The trick to getting away with this informality is making sure the rest of your little one's appearance looks festive enough— ribbons or wreaths on the head; possibly straw baskets of flowers

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