Friday, November 6, 2015


As you can see from these images, topping off your look can truly be an art form.  Here's a round up of incredibly chic and one-off ways to sport a veil on your wedding day.  Most of these gems I spotted on Pinterest linking back to some awesome designers doing innovative things with tulle, lace, organza and gauze. 
  Header Photo via Basadula
Photo 1:  YDK Photography
Photo 2:  Photographer Amy Parton, Make up - Charlotte Cowen via Houses in Trees
Photo 3: The Ivory Lace Mantilla by Amy-Jo Tatum


Alvin said...

Very beautiful veils and hems, absolutely love them! said...

Dear Amy-Jo,
Once again you show your versatility. These veils are different, but each one is very beautiful in its own way. All are incredibly chic. I find the first veil absolutely breathtaking. Such a beautiful combination with the lace.
Well Done!

bridechic said...

Thanks for all your kind words Shelia! said...

Dear Amy-Jo,
Thank you for your nice comment.
The "kind words" I have written, are most certainly deserved.
I look forward to your next group of pictures.
Even though I have been married for a few years, I have become a great fan of Bride Chic.