Monday, May 4, 2015


I remember the whole Prairie Revival movement of the late 70s and early 80s so well.  It initially evolved from the hippe and folk movement.  While Jessica McClintock revived the Prairie Gown with her Gunne Sax line in the seventies, the more haute couture versions of Prairie came to us through the stunning creations of  British designer, Laura Ashley.  She used finer imported cottons and voiles and in the image below we can see perfect examples of this look at it's best.  Vintage elements were really brought out in the accessories like the straw hat and crochet gloves. 

Another perfect example of prairie revival from the 80s via Moon Child Vintage
Gunne Sax via Vera Vague
 Vintage Gunne Sax from a 1980s ad via Pinterest
Vintage  Gunne Sax via Soul Rust
 1980s Gunne Sax dresses given a new life and look 30 years later//via Satorial Matters and Harlow Girls
 PRAIRIE REVIVAL  IN THE 2000s. In the photos above and below, certain elements of Prairie Revival are updated for today's bride who has embraced it as a vintage look. I for one love the lace fused with applique suggesting a bit of modernity paired up romantisism .  A look like this is the perfect opportunity to wear the best imported cottons you can find.
Dress by Berit of NY

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