Wednesday, February 25, 2015


As you can see by our header photo we're allover the bohemian look here on Bride Chic.  These images in today's post by Shannon Stellmacher are swoon-worthy and then some.  Defined, Boho is a fashion look borrowing from the peasant, early bohemian and hippie looks of the sixties. Boho can be earthy and ethereal all at once, with gowns sporting diaphanous fabrics topped off with head wreaths made out of fresh florals and greenery like ivy. 
So what does Boho have in common with bridal?  Boho is an over-the-top romantic look and if weddings are anything they are just that.  My take on Boho dressing hints at the woman child within us all and a celebration of all that's feminine . . . .  

Gowns and head chic by Amy-Jo Tatum///Makeup and hair by Julie Morgan

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