Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Are you one of those lucky brides having a Winter Wonderland Wedding? The point is to stay warm and cozy as well as ultra-chic getting to and from the ceremony. And God knows, you might be caught having to stand around in the cold so be prepared.
#1 Choose heavier fabrics:  Weightier fabrics like the peau de soie dress featured here offer warmth and insulation from the cold. If expertly lined, thicker fabrics will keep the chill off especially if you’re going sleeveless. Sleeveless brides in winter climates can add a shrug or bolero in the same fiber. A matching cape is ideal—they’re roomy and unlike close fitting coats they won’t squish your dress. Don’t want to match the dress exactly? Velvet, cashmere, wool, heavy brocades all make lovely capes. If your gown is heavyweight fabric or has lots of volume (volume translates into warmth) you can even go for a shorter caplet.
#2 Make use of accessories. Wraps and stoles are great for bare-armed brides. They aren't as skimpy as they look lined properly with either batting (stuff you put in quilts) or any form of lightweight wool, they can keep you incredibly warm all night.

Add opera length gloves if you’re going sleeveless with a wrap. Long gloves can be great substitutes for sleeves due to the insulation factor they provide. As for fur, for stoles, jackets and capes, faux is chic now. It’s also surprisingly warm too. Add a muff (maybe instead of a bouquet) and your hands stay toasty.

3# Cover Your Head!  Consider something with a touch of marabou or feathers or an actual hat. Remember, keeping your head and ears warm is important to keeping the rest of your body warm . . . .
Capes, wraps, gowns and headpieces by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride
Model: Natalie Sudia
Photos by Rob Martel


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wow...I love fur dresses. I do have a single fur dress..but now i want to buy it very badly

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The accessories (including the stole and hat) are the best part of winter wedding dressing! Great tips!

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i've always wanted a faux muff that would keep my hands warm and allow me to stash my phone and wallet :)

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