Sunday, June 8, 2008


I think the only predictable thing about fashion is its so unpredictable and bridal fashion is no exception. If less was more a few years back, 2008 seems all about adornment. Designers this season rocked the runways with gowns all done up in feathers, skirts layered in rumba ruffles, and shorter hemlines. While those strapless A-lines and slinky evening numbers from seasons past are still with us, hot off the runway versions incorporate laces, jewels and feathers, some intricately decked out. Still, the barely adorned classic is as chic as ever. Think Carolyn Bessette. She wore the classic of all classics when she and JFK Jr. tied the knot. Why is it that same cut-on-the-bias crepe can be worn ten years later and still look cutting edge? The wow factor of her gown had to do with who was wearing it (we all know that) and possibly something else: her body-hugging simplicity was a refreshing change after years of so much pouf and paste on the 1990’s bridal racks. She set the trend for small, simple bouquets, no fuss hair and going without nylons when you wear sandals. For brides in tip-top physical shape who like to strut trim bodies, Carolyn’s is still an ideal look. Be warned though. Toned and tight through the belly, hips and thighs are a must here.

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Critsey Rowe said...

I love this shot and get requests all the time to dupicate it!